About Us

Mount Batur Hiking is a tour operator which organize Mount Batur hiking tour and other tour activities in Bali. We assist private and groups for this hike. We are a team of hiking guides, originally from Bali and we love living on this beautiful island.

We have been living on, travel all around this island and walk all around of this mountain for many years, and in our daily activities we have came to acquire a deep understanding of the environment in which we live.

However, our best teacher is Bali island itself. Step by step, through thousand of hours of walking, the island has shown us its unique natural phenomena, and also the amazing variety diverse natural scenerios. Little by little, our island has revealed its best-kept secrets.

Our renowned friendly spirit and willingness to do the best we possibly can. We are passionate about our work and we do it with great satisfaction. So, during each of our hikes, from the first moment, we try to show our participants the best pleasure of discovering Mount Batur hiking and this Bali island generally

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Address       : Jalan Hulundanu Batur, Songan, Kintamani, 80652